Based on Article 131 of the Act of General Incorporated Association and Article 25 of the Bisui Daisen Articles of Incorporation, we are recruiting fund contributors as follows:


Particulars of Solicitation for Funds


Name:Bisui Daisen Association



    The Bisui Daisen Association (hereafter “Association” ) was founded to position the towns of Yodoe, Daisen, and vicinity (hereafter “Bisui Daisen         area”) as a place of new tourism. With the cooperation of locals, we revitalize the charms and values of Bisui Daisen area by providing

     experience- and interaction-based activities and programs.

     We are recruiting fund contributors to establish the financial base of the Association and strengthen its operational foundation.



2.Plan for the Fund Recruitment

    Targeted total amount of fund contribution: 10,000,000 yen (1,000 units)

    Amount of funds per unit: 10,000 yen

    Limit for unit purchase: none

    Fund application period: October 10th, 2022 ~ March 31st, 2023


3. Notification for the Fund Contributors and Fund Contribution Period

     Notification for the Fund Contributors: it will be announced in October 2022.

     Fund contribution Period: October 10th, 2022~March 31st, 2023


4. Place of Fund Contribution Payment

     The place of fund contribution payment is the account for the following financial institution designated by Bisui Daisen Association.

     The transfer fee will be borne by the Association.


      Tottori Bank Yonago Branch

                  Futsu Kouza (Saving Account) 474180

                Account Holder: Ippan Shadan Hojin Bisui Daisen (Bisui Daisen Association)


5. Provisions of the Fund Contributors’ Rights

     The Articles of Incorporation regarding the funds of this Association are as follows:

     (Fund Contribution and More)

     Article 25th – This Association may solicit persons to subscribe to the fund.

     2. Contributed funds will not be returned until the Association is dissolved.

     3. Regarding procedures for returning funds, the place and method of returning funds and other necessary matters shall be determined         

         separately by the liquidator.


 6. Particulars of Solicitation for Funds

     ① The amount of funds is 10,000 yen per unit, and you can contribute as many units as you wish.

     ② No interest may accrue for the funds.

     ③ Contributed funds will not be returned until the Association is dissolved.

     ④ Fund contributors do not have voting rights at the general assembly meeting and/or other authority related to the operation of the


    ⑤ After reading the provisions on the Fund Contributors’Right, fill in the necessary items in the “Fund Application Form”. After submitting it to

           the Association, please make a transfer to the designated account; see 4. above.


7. Contact Information

     Name: Bisui Daisen Association

     Address: 50-1 Imazu Yodoecho Yonago, Tottori 689-3401

     Phone: 0859-30-3889

     Inquiries: Please contact us using the form.

    Responsible Party: Yoko Tanaka (Managing Director)

Bisui Daisen


お問い合わせ先 / Contact  

電話 / Phone: (0859) 21 3670

住所: 鳥取県米子市淀江町今津50番地1

Address: 50-1 Yodoecho Imazu Yonago, Tottori 689-3401

鳥取県知事登録旅行業 第4ー94号