Bisui Daisen

Bisui Daisen Area

Bisui Daisen area is centered around the towns of Yodoe(a.k.a. Bisui-no-Sato/Land of Beautiful Springs) and Daisen, and it is located at the foot of Mount Daisen in West Tottori.

There are many ruins that make you wonder about ancient histories and their lifestyles.

Centered around water sources, you can feel the creations of Yaoyorozu-no-Kami (Japanese mythological deities) in this vast natural environment.


The characteristics of Bisui Daisen area are...


People have been living in the area for 10,000 years, and many ruins still remain in residential areas

Traditional cultures have been handed down from generation to generation

There are many natural water springs that have been used since ancient times

The area has a beautiful natural environment surrounded by ocean, mountains, and many agricultural fields

The local people are warm and accepting


We are offering many experience-based activities and programs and you can...


Enjoy and learn a self-sufficient lifestyle in this wonderful setting of the ocean, mountains, and agricultural fields.

Feel the history, culture, and sustainable lifestyle that have been continuous since primitive times.

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If you want to promote the charms of the area, we will help you.

If you want to know the charms of the area, let’s experience them together.


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Bisui Daisen


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