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Water Source Tour

Water involves in every aspect of our lives in the Bisui Daisen area.

We will introduce the rich water sources of the area and their ecosystems.

Agricultural Experience

Let’s make rice and vegetables together!

Thanks to Mount Daisen and the surrounding environment, our rice and vegetables are quite tasty and filled with nutrition.

You can enjoy such experiences as hand harvesting, Hadekake sun-drying method, foot-threshing, and a hand-operated winnowing machine.

After growing your own rice, you will feel how wasteful it is to leave even one grain of rice in a bowl.

We are increasing the variety of crops: rice, vegetables, beans, wheat, and more.

Lifestyle Experience

Mochi-making experience using Mochigome rice that was just harvested.

Shimenawa rope-making using the rice plant after the threshing.

Miso and okura(soy pulp)-making using soybeans.

Nothing goes to waste.

There is a great deal of wisdom in the old-fashioned lifestyle of Japan, and we have various professionals living here in Busui Daisen area.

Vegan/vegetarian menus are available for the cooking experience.

Nature Experience

There are so many things you can learn from nature.

Feel the circulation of water in this area through the ocean, mountains, rivers, and agricultural fields.

Ecotour, trekking, cycling, stand-up paddling, kayaking, canyoneering, winter mountain activities such as snowshoeing, and so much more.

There are infinite ways to play in nature.

We can offer the best nature experience for you.

History and Culture Experience

The Bisui Daisen area has been inhabited for more than 10,000 years, and there are still many ruins remaining in the residential areas.

We offer various experiences that you can feel the histories and cultures which have been passed down since primitive times.

Historical bicycling adventures, traditional Yodoe umbrella making, Sainokami making, traditional Yodoe Sankobushi performances…

There are many amazing stories that have been passed down through generations.

Experience our activities and programs and feel the lives of people in the past.

Fishery Experience

We offer experiences such as drying Wakame seaweed, fishing, and so forth.

The Sea of Japan is right in front of you!

Enjoy the amazing seafood that the San’in area proudly presents.

 Don’t miss the new experience menu currently under construction!

Bisui Daisen


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